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Inside the Hive


Deposit payable at time of booking: £25

Dates available: 1st May to 1st September

Group size: maximum 3 people


An ‘About the Bees’ 2 hour ‘hands-on experience’ with our Head Bee-keeper that will introduce you to the fascinating world of bees and their importance for pollination and our survival.

A unique opportunity to:

  • learn about our story and history of bee-keeping in Yorkshire & Dalmatia

  • understand the biology and types of honeybees, including the all-important Queen Bee

  • become acquainted with the workings of an active bee colony

  • know about the range of beekeeping equipment and how to handle it correctly

  • inspect a hive to discover what an effective brood pattern looks like

  • take photographs inside our bee-garden and sample a range of our delicious honey

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