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Honey-Bees are a sign of how healthy we are, how healthy our environment is, and how healthy our economy might be as a result. We work hard to support these essential and impressive pollinators who are vital to our personal well-being, and carry a huge amount of responsibility on their tiny shoulders.


It is part of the ‘About the Bees’ mission to help you understand the role flower pollination has to play in delivering a healthy and balanced diet as well as sustaining our environment.


 Some staggering and impressive honey-bee statistics reveal that:

  •  approximately 80% of flowering plants on the planet are reliant upon pollination

  •  a honey- bee can pollinate approximately 250 million flowers per day

  •  the FREE service they offer provides almost £700 million of UK crops every year


Did you know that the endangered honey-bee is the most efficient pollinator of all?

We appreciate that a healthy lifestyle is very much ‘About the Bees’

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