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Be a Bee Keeper



Non-refundable deposit payable at time of booking: £150

Dates available: mid-April to mid-August

Group size: 1 person only

An intensive ‘About the Bees’ 4 -hour course with our Head Bee-keeper that will ensure you are well-equipped to become a confident, new Beekeeper.  You will leave this course with:

  • a full introduction to beekeeping principles, equipment and challenges

  • a good understanding of the types of honeybee, including the all-important Queen Bee

  • knowledge about how to construct and deconstruct a hive plus how to handle bees with confidence

  • knowledge about how to prepare your hive for the honey season, including how to harvest your own honey and overwinter your bees

  • an ‘About the Bees’ Beekeeper’s Starter Kit containing a full Beekeeper’s suit, leather gloves, stainless steel smoker, stainless steel hive tool & bee brush

  • a BBKA endorsed Beekeeping Guide

  • a National ready-assembled Cedar hive containing a brood box with a colony of healthy bees; 6 frames of brood at all stages; eggs, larvae & sealed brood complete with food stores; 5 frames of brood foundation; an open mesh floor with entrance block; a plastic Queen bee excluder; 2 Supers with frames and foundations; 1 Crown Board; 1 Roof (4inches); 1 follow-up home (30 minute) visit within a 25-mile radius of Harden, Bingley

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