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Mali Zaton is a coastal, quaint and peaceful village situated on the Adriatic Riviera, 8km north of the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’: Dubrovnik.  Branko (our Head Bee-keeper), like his father before him, is renowned for producing honey of exceptional quality to our customers. 


When Branko moved to Yorkshire in 1990, he imported a wealth of bee-keeping knowledge, skill and 30 years’ experience from his sunny homeland.  But more importantly, he carried a passion to continue producing only the finest quality honey from the contrastingly rural, quaint and peaceful village of Harden in West Yorkshire. 

JS Harden 2
JS Harden 3
Dubrovnik old city
Zaton Bees

Did you know that the flavour of honey is as diverse as the places and flowers from which it is harvested?


We hope that you will enjoy sampling the contrasting tastes of our unique honey heritage. 


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